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Zodiac Superstars: Taurus

What you need to know about this star sign.

The aspects and qualities of Taurus

Taurus, The Preserver, April 20 - May 20

Welcome to the resourceful world of Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac! Taurians are known for their unwavering determination, practicality, and steadfast nature. Symbolised by the Bull, these earth signs possess a grounded energy that brings stability and reliability to their lives.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Taurians exude a sense of luxury and appreciation for the finer things in life. They have a deep connection with the material world and often surround themselves with aesthetics to die for. They value comfort, security, and a sense of stability in all aspects of their lives.

One of the key characteristics of Taurus is their unwavering perseverance. They possess a strong work ethic and a deep sense of commitment, making them incredibly reliable and trustworthy. Taurians are not ones to shy away from hard work and can often be found mastering skills to reach for their dreams and manifestations.

In relationships, Taurus is known for their loyalty and devotion. They are steadfast partners who prioritise stability and security in their romantic connections. They value loyalty, trust, and consistency in their relationships and are often willing to go the extra mile to ensure the happiness of their loved ones.

Taurus thrives in practical and hands-on environments, excelling in professions that allow them to utilise their attention to detail and methodical approach. They have a natural talent for managing resources and can make sound financial decisions. However, they should be mindful of their resistance to change and be open to adapting to new situations to avoid stagnation.

The Pursuit for Taurus: To create a secure and stable environment for themselves and their loved ones, while luxuriating in life and cultivating a deep appreciation for beauty, art, and sensory experiences.

Famous Taurus: Adele, Channing Tatum, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Janet Jackson, Henry Cavill, Megan Fox, Gigi Hadid

Kristy Gray Astrologer Celestial Asset


Zodiac Superstars Main Image Taurus

Taurus Sun, Virgo Moon, Virgo Ascendant

What inspired you to venture into your current industry/profession, and what drives your passion for it?

I am an environmental scientist turned student nutritionist and spiritual & purpose life coach-in training. My passion comes from sharing what has changed my life and solved my major life problems – and in turn helping other women use that information to heal themselves. With a background and passion for the environment, sustainability and low-tox living, I was led to natural and holistic health as a means of healing my own chronic health issues that I developed as a young woman. Throughout my health and career journeys, self-development and spirituality has been leading the way and I am now so excited to incorporate these themes into my career. I also feel that building a career around empowering women through information to heal, directly aligns with my teacher/healer archetype of my natal chart.

Could you share a remarkable achievement or milestone in your career or personal life that you're particularly proud of? How did you overcome challenges to accomplish it?

Following my purpose and intuition and overcoming limiting beliefs in all aspects of my life has been my greatest achievement. After 4 years studying and 3 years working, I left my job as an environmental scientist in a male-dominant firm, to follow my intuition. I was craving a purposeful career where I could help people with my unique talents, in a female oriented space. I was led to study midwifery, but soon after starting clinical practice in the hospital, found it was not aligned with the holistic care I wanted to provide people. This turning point made me consider a career in natural health, which is where I discovered nutrition. Identifying the gaps in a clinical nutritional practice, such as incorporating spirituality as a way of healing, encouraged me to merge my passions for spirituality and self-development into my career. There were many times where I had to make decisions to follow my intuition over my logical brain or ego. I was offered a higher paying but less satisfying job, told by family members I would never make money in a certain career, told by friends it was a waste of time going back to university, and I told myself certain interests couldn’t be a ‘real’ career . But standing firm in my intuition and dismantling the limiting beliefs that myself and other people had about what I was doing helped me get to where I was meant to. Embodying my purpose and making major changes in my life (such as my career, where I live, my relationships, my everyday surroundings) to reflect my inner most desires has taken many years of self-reflection and overcoming limiting beliefs, along with putting things into action - which I now hope to help others do the same in their lives.

In what ways do you believe your star sign influences your approach to life and business? Are there any specific traits or characteristics associated with your sign/natal chart that you identify with?

I think my star sign definitely influences my approach to life and my career. Apart from being a Taurus, my moon and ascending signs are both in Virgo - which makes me extremely earthy/grounded - which can stop me from taking leaps or un-calculated steps. I like to think things through and make sure the timing is right before starting. However, needing for everything to be perfect often holds me back from starting all together. My other Taurian traits are my directness and strong sense of self and boundaries, which I bring to all of my relationships. My love of all things beautiful, such as my surroundings, style, food, smells and music, also really influences how I curate my personal space and how/where I spend my time. My practicality and need for organisation and planning also heavily influence how I do everything in my life - I have to-do lists with multiple subsections for home, study, work and everything in between.

What strategies or practices do you rely on to maintain a healthy work-life balance? How do you prioritise self-care and personal well-being amidst your professional endeavours?

I am definitely not perfect at this - but it is a major theme of development for me at the moment. The things I know help me are living in alignment with my cycle and nature’s cycles - allowing me to use my physical, emotional and spiritual energy in optimal ways each week or season. Creating your most divine morning and evening ritual - and sticking to it - is when I am my most aligned and productive, and less likely to feel overwhelmed. Like in life, I like my routines to incorporate feminine and masculine energies - so planning and preparing (masculine) allows me to create space for feminine practices (such as walking in nature, journaling, meditation).

Can you offer any advice or words of wisdom to aspiring individuals in your industry who look up to you as a role model? What key lessons or experiences have shaped your journey and contributed to your success?

I have a few key lessons that I live by. Starting the journey to find your purpose will take you to a higher level of joy and alignment than you have ever felt before. You only know where to go next by trying things - there are no wrong moves or failure, only feedback to get you closer to where you want to go. If you have an intuitive thought, follow it. Hard times help you to pivot and make a change - burnout can be an indicator for redirection or re-thinking how you do something. You don’t have to do things in a conventional way. If something isn’t working - change it.


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