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Your curated selection of empowered, high-vibrational and accessible Astrology - my favourite way to work with your stars for *heart-stirring* results. Your celestial initiation starts here.

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Astrology Logo Kristy Gray Astrologer
I am choosing myself

Astrology is for you if it's your first time exploring astrology or you're looking to go deeper with a personalised one-off session (there's 5 options to choose from).

Astrostrategy Logo Kristy Gray Astrologer.png
I deserve what I desire

Astrostrategy® is for you if you're stuck wondering what’s on the horizon over the next twelve months and you're ready to take your life to an entirely new level.

Supernova Logo Kristy Gray Astrologer
I am doing this for me

Supernova is for you if you're an Astrology-obsessed go-getter and you want to use astrology to make your dream life your real life.

The Celestial Collection with Kristy Gray

Have you been thinking there must be an easier way to explore Astrology? The Celestial Collection is for you if you're looking for high-vibe tools to support your evolution, starting with your sun sign.


Do you have a friend you'd love to gift astrology to? *swoon* I have just the thing for you! Rather than you trying to magically manage their schedule, take the pressure off by purchasing a digital gift certificate.

My Free Intro To
Astro Guide

When you graduate from reading your horoscope, the next step is exploring your *map of potential* AKA your natal chart. Let’s unlock your most powerful self.

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