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Imagine having a vision for the next twelve months and a blueprint of how to attain it. This is Astrostrategy®. An unparalleled experience completely aligned to your unique astrological profile. 


Astrostrategy® is the harmonious fusion of essential tools, profound insights, and empowering actions, for gaining momentum and the profound language of the stars. Nothing compares to this experience, as everything is one hundred percent customised to you, your desires and of course your stars.


Together, with the power of your stars as our guide, we’ll chart your path to attaining your deepest desires, by embarking on a quarterly exploration to unravel and expand the depths of your natal chart, unlocking the activations and flavours that shape your future.


While your natal chart remains constant, your evolution is an ever-unfolding story. That's why I decode and translate your natal chart alongside the influential forces of transits, progressions, and solar arc directions.



  • 4 x 75 minute customised sessions
  • During each session, we'll explore how you've been harnessing your time, energy, and potential. We'll also look towards the future and unearth the impactful activations - guiding you towards embodying your highest self with bold, purposeful steps.


BONUS: A personalised annual and quarterly Astrostrategy® - a horoscope tailored exclusively to you, highlighting the areas that require focus to support your desires. Plus a 12-month digital calendar integration highlighting activation dates aligned to your personal stars.



  • One-time payment of $1299.00 AUD, or

  • Payment plan: 4 monthly payments of $325.00



The stars don’t dictate our future, they help us shape it. Destiny is cultivated and Astrostrategy® empowers you to recognise the ability to create change in every single moment.


PS–If Astrostrategy® feels like a leap too far for now, consider exploring Astrology Forecast.


* Don’t know your time of birth? Send me a message and I’ll steer you in the right direction to pin it down.


Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Payment Plan
4 months
$325.00every month for 4 months
  • This purchase is subject to the Terms and Conditions found on

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