I get it, you’re not going to unleash those hopes and dreams with a stranger, so let’s get to know each other…

Hey babes! I’m Kristy. 

For a long time, I was in the business of selling magic. Working in the beauty industry made me the queen of a kingdom that thrived on using shiny things to tell people they were missing something. As the years progressed (a few more than I’d care to admit), I found myself in Learning and Development, and a spark was ignited. I realised that it was time to stop selling the magic, and start helping people create it themselves. I had found my passion.

Kristy Gray Life Strategist & Astrologer
Kristy Gray Life Strategist & Astrologer


So, I packed up my bags, cleaned up my skincare cabinet and headed home to the sunshine of the Gold Coast, ready to carve out a new Kristy. There was no perfect time to start, but I knew deep down it was time to face the feelings I’d always had – that there was something more waiting for me.


Now I have the privilege of surrounding myself with empowering, ambitious people who are ready to turn their #goals Pinterest board into a tangible reality. There’s no greater feeling than helping people reach their dreams with the tools that have been inside them all along. 


I’m the one that can help you find them.

It’s time to stop experiencing life and start living it.

Go on then, send me that message. You know you want to.


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