Kristy Gray Astrologer & Life Strategist

I get it,

You're not going to unleash those hopes and dreams with a stranger, so let's get to know each other...Hey babes! I’m Kristy.


I wasn’t always an Astrologer. But what if I told you it’s who I was born to become? If you’d asked me 10 years ago how I’d envision my future self it would have gone a little bit like this…

Work my way to the top in the beauty industry in my chosen field, Learning & Development. Buy a house, find a partner, travel the world and work to live. You know, everything that would fit the mould of who I ‘thought’ I should be.

Instead, the universe had other plans and in my case, that involved the planet that rules karma, Saturn. I found myself at rock bottom, unfulfilled and asking myself ‘is this it?’ I never could have imagined the path I would embark on and some might say ‘it was written in the stars’.

So, I followed the celestial breadcrumbs, studying one thing after another (learn more about my experience here), and then I found myself sitting in front of my first Astrology teacher and what I had been searching for finally found me. Astrology.

Here's the SKINNY...

Every Astrologer has a focus and theme and I’m no different. Astrology for your Higher Self is mine. Here’s why;


  • I’m obsessed with personal development and teaching others how they can become self-empowered.

  • I’m deeply fascinated by psychology and transformation and I’m not afraid of exploring these areas to unearth your potential.

  • I’m a motivator and I see the glass as half full. This doesn’t mean I support ‘toxic positivity’, it means I’m passionate about helping you live a full life.


Before, when I shared I was born to become an Astrologer, it was there in my natal chart all along (take a look here). All it came down to was curiosity, trust and timing.

Love and starlight,