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It all started with an insatiable desire to know ‘why am I here?’ and a fascination with the cosmos.

From years dedicated to developing people and brands with Clinique and global beauty giant Sephora, I was no stranger to personal and professional development. But, I was always perpetually curious about astrology - I was ‘that girl’ in the office who was always asking everyone for their star signs.



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baby k

For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with finding the answers to life’s big questions. In 2015 what I had been searching for all along finally found me…

This was the year I would graduate from reading my horoscope to learning about natal chart astrology.
A chance encounter with someone who had an ephemeris (the traditional way of looking at a natal chart), would lead me on a path you could say was *written in the stars*

Fast-forward three years and way-too-many-hours of researching, soul-searching, and redefining everything I thought my life *should* look like, I found myself sitting in front of an award-winning Astrologer who became my mentor. (If you're curious, check out my experience here).


I instantly fell in love with astrology and how it can help you understand more about yourself to make conscious decisions.


Behind The Scenes

I didn’t always have this sense of purpose, fulfilment and lust for life. To be honest, once (ok, maybe more than once) my life well and truly sucked. 

My days included checking off to-do lists, making sure I was feeling fulfilled in my career (spoiler alert: I wasn't) and remembering to be better than the person I was yesterday. Babes, it's a lot.

When I discovered Astrology, it felt like my entire world cracked open. Astrology isn’t a belief system, it’s a language. A language to understand ourselves, the people in our life and the world around us. It helps us make sense of things.


Which is why I’m passionate about helping you understand how you can use Astrology to make your dream life your real life. Knowing more about who you came here to be can make all the difference when you’re working towards your dreams.

Kristy Gray Astrologer Head Shot.jpg

The Skinny

Kristy Gray Astrologer Headshot.jpg



And yes, ok, I’m an over-achieving constantly on the go Astrologer, but on Sundays, it’s just me, silk pyjamas, a peanut butter and jam biscuit and a fantasy novel.



My Leo ascendant has a lot to answer for. I love telling a good story, so I’m writing a book which is the best kind of baptism by fire.



I ain’t no crystal ball and you should run in the other direction if anyone tries to sell you on their ‘six steps to success’. Remember you are the ultimate oracle.



You always have free will. You can glimpse your future stars to see what’s possible for you, but destiny is cultivated.

Luscious questions lead to delicious answers. What's stopping you from having it all?

Your natal chart is yours and nobody else's. It’s your map of potential waiting to be unlocked. Through my signature formula Astrostrategy® you’ll have the tools (and mystical know-how) unique to you, so you can begin stepping into your higher self. If Astrology is a language, let’s give you a new repertoire of powerful words.


New here? Here's a great place to start.

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