Hi! I'm Kristy.

Life Strategist, Astrologer and host of Kristy Unedited, The Podcast. My aim is inspiring you to transform your lifestyle, mastering confidence through clarity so you can turn your what if's into what's possible.

Together, we will strategize how you can eliminate uncertainty, with forward-thinking ideas. Because ​the world needs what you've got! So why hide your magic? 

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Astrology Unlocked

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What People Are Saying


"I feel like Kristy has been a compass. A reassuring compass of alignment and direction to the path that I want to take; and not just the pre-conceived ideal path that the world has told me that I should take. She's helped me look inwards for answers, guided me towards self-trust and helped me shape my own inner vibrancy. She's been a companion during a hard time in my life, and a beacon of hope of the woman that I could someday become."

Brisbane AUS


"I’ve gone from being a couch potato to being someone who is constantly busy and challenging myself. It has helped me a great deal with my wellness, happiness and it has given me the push to go above and beyond for my dream career. Kristy has helped me become more than I thought I could ever achieve."

Brisbane, AUS


"I have genuinely never had so much clarity and insight provided to me EVER! Kristy is such an amazing communicator and has a beautiful way of giving you insight, understanding, practical tools and of course some of those really good coaching questions to help you decide on where to next."

Brisbane, AUS


"The biggest change I have witnessed in myself is how extremely empowered I feel; I feel like I can do anything. I am less anxious about the future, I live every day in the present and I have never been happier and more successful in my relationships and career." 

New York, USA


"After our first session the vibe was just right, I felt like Kristy was relatable. The biggest change I’ve witnessed is to not feel guilty about things and I’m more relaxed. I'm now living life in an enjoyable way. Kristy brings such a calming presence and gives you just the right amount of personal experience and prompting questions."

Sydney, AUS


"I was looking for insight and confirmation coming into this new year, and what areas I really needed to focus on. I realized that I am on the right path and there are so many amazing things still to come. I honestly got so much out of my first session with Kristy that booking another one was a no brainer! She is just fabulous!"

Brisbane, AUS


"I wanted clarity, support and to create a new set of goals, as I felt unclear and unconfident. The conversation definitely provided the right balance of advice and coaching and listening. My coaching experience in 3 words; supportive, practical and clear."

Sydney, AUS


"I was looking to start 2020 off on the right foot by learning more about all the different facets of my life – the holistic kick start! After the Astrology session I was feeling clearer, more connected to myself and more motivated for the year ahead. The tools in particular were big pluses for me. My experience in three words: Inward, Expansive, Connected."

Melbourne, AUS


"By the end of the first session I started to have a different way of thinking and a clear set of goals and actions to work towards. I'm a lot more focused and I work hard to achieve anything I set my mind too. This has been a great reminder that I can do anything and I can achieve great things with a little hard work and dedication."

Auckland, NZ


"I think I came into the experience thinking I'd get some clarity on my career and get some diet and nutrition tips. But it really was SO much more than that. Changing my mindset, getting the tools to deal with my anxiety and diving in deep with what was holding me back with certain things - these were things I didn't even know I needed”.

Brisbane, AUS


"I was struggling with being consistent and motivated to achieve my goals. After working with Kristy, I understood more about myself and the reasons behind why I do things a particular way. The biggest change I’ve experienced is consistency with positive habits, as I’ve been creating habits in a way that works for my personality type.”

Melbourne, AUS


"I booked an Astrology session as Kristy's updates were just so on point! I wanted to uplevel and understand more. By the end of the session, I felt a shift with more confidence, direction, self-love and self-improvement."

Gold Coast, AUS


"Kristy really reignited my own personal confidence and self-drive. She gave me just the right amount of push for me to create my own goals, realise my own values and make decisions that truly came from within. I wouldn’t change anything about my experience with her!"

Sydney, AUS


"I love Astrology readings and I decided to say yes after a friend recommendation. I wanted to focus on working on my creativity, confidence and stepping into my power. The session gave me insights as to who I am, how I operate and it's ok to be different. It was insightful, eye-opening and affirming."

Los Angeles, USA


"I was in a place of change in my business and feeling like I needed direction. I'm a massive believer that getting to know ourselves on a deeper level will help us in so many ways and astrology helps us to unlock a more purposeful and meaningful existence. It was really interesting to learn that I'm not just my sun sign and understand how the conflicting elements of my personality/drive co-exist. This session was confirming, energizing and inspiring."

Gold Coast, AUS


"I've always wanted to know more about my birth chart so I was super curious to finally get it read. I was working through some intense energy and I knew I needed to explore beyond the surface level of everyday life and Kristy's vibrant energy was too attractive to ignore. It's pretty easy to get consumed by a fast-paced lifestyle and lose that inner knowing and trust in the universe but by the end of my session I felt calm but inspired and excited to keep saying "yes" to rediscovering my true self."

Melbourne, AUS


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