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Kristy Gray Astrologer & Life Strategist

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High vibe

When you think and act at a high energetic frequency you’ll be able to see that anything is possible.



Your natal chart is yours and nobody else's.

It’s your map of potential waiting to be unlocked.



You always have free will.

Destiny is cultivated. Why not glimpse the stars to reveal yours?

Kristy Gray Astrologer & Life Strategist

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Are you ready to step into your power, go after your dreams and create an intentional life? Then meet your newest hype girl, Kristy. I'm an Astrologer, Life Strategist and Resident Astrologer at Body + Soul all about inspiring you to master confidence, gain clarity and transform your world.

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Astrology with Kristy Gray


Have you been reading your horoscope and found it never quite hits the mark? Your horoscope is the gateway to Astrology, but getting up close and personal with your natal chart is ‘main character energy’. 



Stuck wondering what’s on the horizon over the next twelve months? It's time to take your life to an entirely new level. Astrostrategy® = Life Strategy (aka, the tools and rituals you need to gain momentum) + Astrology (aka, the language of the stars).

The Glow Up with Kristy Gray

The Glow Up

I see you, babes – you Astrology-obsessed go-getter, you. You’re kicking goals, but you know you’re destined for more. You might be asking yourself: how can I use astrology to make my dream life my real life? 

The Celestial Collection by Kristy Gray

Celestial Collection

Have you been thinking there must be an easier way to explore Astrology? What if I told you by fully embodying the positive qualities and magic of your Sun Sign that this is the ultimate definition of Astrology for your Higher Self.

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