Own Your Magic

When you Own Your Magic, you are aligned with your boldest, brilliant and most beautiful self. The person you know exists, who stares back at you in the mirror patiently waiting for their potential to be recognised.


But let’s be real, transformation is never easy. Connecting with your higher self is a journey that asks a few questions – like those Buzzfeed quizzes, but cooler… and less of a procrastination tactic.

If you know that you have so much more to offer than what you’re currently projecting, then babe, it’s time to Own Your Magic.


This is a time for new beginnings. A time to explore what’s always been inside you, itching for an opportunity to be unleashed. A time to take back your power.


Over four weeks, Own Your Magic will help you realise your capabilities, celebrate what makes you truly unique and tap into the power source that’s always been within. Plus, I’ll be with you through every step of this beautiful adventure, with tailored videos, audio support, exercises and activities to ensure that you feel confident and empowered at every turn.


The best part? 33 incredible women have already found their magic using these methods.


So come on, babe! Put those sparkle filters away and let yourself shine.


Your higher power is waiting for you.


The Goss
This is the final round of Own Your Magic in a live format. I know, I know, it’s devastating. Once your payment is confirmed, we’ll get you started with a Welcome pack and a few pre-course exercises.


Doors close on Friday 14 th August 2020 and the magic begins on Monday 17 th August 2020.

Own Your Magic

  • This purchase is subject to the Terms and Conditions found on https://www.kristygray.com/terms

  • Once payment is confirmed you'll be redirected to the Thank You page where you can access your Welcome Pack as a direct download. Get started immediately on the pre-work.

    You'll next hear from me on Saturday 15th August with all the goss before we begin on Monday 17th August!

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