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Zodiac Superstars: Virgo

What you need to know about this star sign.

Virgo, The Sovereign, August 23 - September 22

Welcome to the efficient world of Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac! Virgo’s are known for their analytical minds, attention to detail, and methodical approach. Symbolised by the Maiden, these earth signs possess a grounded energy that brings practicality and precision to their endeavours.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, Virgo possesses a sharp mind and a deep desire for order and efficiency. They have a natural inclination towards analysis and strive for perfection in all that they do. They’re known for their ability to notice the smallest details and excel in tasks that require meticulousness.

One of the key characteristics of Virgo is their strong sense of responsibility. They have a natural inclination to be of service to others and are often found lending a helping hand. They possess a deep desire to make a meaningful contribution and have a strong work ethic that drives them to achieve excellence.

In relationships, Virgo’s are reliable and loyal partners. They value stability and practicality in their connections and appreciate partners who share their values of commitment and dependability. They are known for their willingness to support and care for their loved ones in practical ways.

Virgo thrives in professions that allow them to utilise their analytical and organisational skills. They excel in careers such as healthcare, research, writing, or any field that requires precision and attention to detail. However, they should be mindful of their perfectionistic tendencies and learn to find a balance between striving for excellence and accepting imperfection.

The Pursuit for Virgo: To continually strive for personal and professional growth, harnessing their analytical abilities and attention to detail to make a meaningful contribution and create a positive impact on the world.

Famous Virgos: Zendaya, Beyoncé, Keanu Reeves, Tom Hardy, Jennifer Coolidge, Sofia Richie, Sydney Sweeney



Zodiac Superstars Main Image Virgo

Virgo Sun, Leo Moon, Aries Ascendant

What inspired you to venture into your current industry/profession, and what drives your passion for it?

I am obsessed with preserving memories and showing people just how incredible they are! When we allow ourselves to be seen and build a strong evidence bank of the ways our impact on each other matters, life feels more joyful. I love capturing family moments in one arm of my business and giving business owners a gallery that celebrates who they are in the other. I started out photographing families and weddings, and later expanded to include commercial photography for small business owners. Starting commercial photography was a big leap for me. I knew the potential of my photography, but I didn't want to create more of what was the norm in my industry. There was a specific style that felt formulaic to me, and some retouching practices that don't allow people to embrace all of themselves. These factors held me back from starting for years. With my marketing background, I understand that having photos taken doesn't drive business growth on its own. It's about having images that speak to the emotions and logic of the community in a way that is uniquely yours. This is what moves the needle on business growth, so I set out to create this for every business owner I work with.

Could you share a remarkable achievement or milestone in your career or personal life that you're particularly proud of? How did you overcome challenges to accomplish it?

Simply starting my business was a milestone. I’m beyond proud of starting it and where it has grown to, but of the entire journey tackling the mental chatter and perfectionist silliness to just get started was the hardest part. I was fortunate to meet other people in the photography and videography communities who gave me that initial confidence to start. For me it didn’t feel like I was just choosing a ‘new job’. It was really me choosing to take control of where I wanted to take my life, and to choose a life on my terms, rather than stay on a path I thought I had to be on.

In what ways do you believe your star sign influences your approach to life and business? Are there any specific traits or characteristics associated with your sign/natal chart that you identify with?

Ummm where do we begin! My Virgo sun is the queen of my organisational skills, but also my somewhat crippling perfectionism. I am at my happiest simplifying planning processes and building out run sheets for my clients photoshoots, so that they can stress less about the details of the shoot and just focus on the business growth to come. My shiny Leo moon is eternally trying to bring the good energy and charisma - when I tell people that I am an introvert, they often gawk at me telling me I am too outgoing socially to be an introvert. I am convinced this is a little of my Leo in the Fifth shining through. And my Aries rising… well I am possibly the most stubborn person I know. If you tell me something can't be done, I will rally the troops to show you how. If there is an inequality or injustice, I am immediately fired up to work out how it can be remedied in the most overly strategised (well hellllllo Virgo) way.

What strategies or practices do you rely on to maintain a healthy work-life balance? How do you prioritise self-care and personal well-being amidst your professional endeavours?

Some weeks I find it laughable, that I would be commenting on my ability to 'balance life'. And other weeks I am smugly confident that I've got it all back on track again. Mine is not a unique challenge. I run several businesses, plus, I also have one foot in the corporate marketing world still (because I love the challenge and the growth I get from doing both fuels me). But I am acutely aware that I need to find time for myself among all the work. So for me, this really is about managing a strong routine, with a generous dose of humility. I schedule self care into my week, because we all know if I don’t, I will find an excuse to work through that time slot. I feel like it’s a lesson I keep re-learning every few years, but my mornings need to start with some sort of movement outdoors - it's the calm start to my day. I have dedicated ‘deep work’ time during the day where I am often listening to something that creates the perfect calm, focused environment (I’m a big fan of the Endel app). I also have a strict time that I shut down my devices and only really use them for connecting with family and friends. A big one for me is also scheduling time on weekends to go on hikes and be in nature with my partner - nothing gets me back to feeling like myself than the ocean air or giant forest ferns.

Can you offer any advice or words of wisdom to aspiring individuals in your industry who look up to you as a role model? What key lessons or experiences have shaped your journey and contributed to your success?

I have two pieces of advice. Firstly, create what moves you. Pretend you have never seen the work our industry creates and work out how you want the world to see it. The world needs more unique art, thoughts, inspiration and vision. And secondly, say yes to messy action even when you are uncertain. There will never be a time that you 'know it all' and then can start. You will not feel comfortable calling yourself a photographer until after you have started (and in my case several years in). So just start. Surround yourself with people who remind you daily that it is okay to start and work out some of the details on the journey.


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