Velvet On Living Abroad, Parenting + The Circle Of Security E33

Today Kristy talks to Velvet Garvey. Velvet is a writer and editor with over 10 years' experience in online and print publishing. Along with her successful freelancing business, she is the founder of Train My Mate, a training platform that teaches men in relationships how to do the every day domestic tasks that go into running a home, which is launching in July 2020.

She currently lives in Noosa, Queensland after spending the last 15 years travelling and living overseas, and does not plan to move ever again!

We also talk about:

  • Living and working abroad in the Middle East

  • The Circle Of Security and attachment theory

  • Overcoming negative thought patterns

  • The importance of moving your body when under stress

  • Having the confidence to speak up on ‘unspoken’ subjects

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Where to find Velvet:

IG: @velvetgarvey

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