Tash On Raising Your Consciousness With Access Bars E79

Do you want to know what Access Consciousness Bars is and how it can best help you? Then meet this week's guest Tash Hearne. Tash is an Access Bars Practitioner and Mindset Coach. Empowering people to know what they already know, to create a path back to themselves, unlock their full potential to create an extraordinary life.

She spent most of her life feeling lost, inadequate and not enough. She knew she wanted to work with people and be a positive contribution, dabbling in psychology, social work and anthropology.

Key points:

  • Conscious awareness

  • Creating a life with no limitations

  • You CAN change your mind

  • How we hold ourselves back

Where to find Tash:

W: www.natashaskye.com

IG: @natashaskyecoaching

FB: Natasha Skye Coaching

Tash's Recommendations:

  • Book an Access Bars Session and when you use the code 'kristygray' you'll receive 20% OFF.

  • Join Tash's free event - Reclaim Yourself: Working with your mindset and energy to reclaim your confidence. Find all the details via her social media.

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Kristy’s Recommendations:

If you've loved connecting with Kristy on this episode and you're ready to start your own transformation, there's a number of ways you can work together. Email hello@kristygray.com to learn more and start making magic!

Kristy’s Favourite Products:

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