Taela on Crystals, Expectations + Speaking Your Truth E42

Today Kristy talks to Taela Laurene. Taela ditched her previous ambitions in the beauty industry when she stepped foot into a large crystal wholesale store one Autumn arvo. She walked out addicted to all things gem and catapulted herself into the wild wild world of Stones. Taela immediately dedicated herself to creating a fun, sisterhood centred, vibrant and unique space where crystal lovers and crystal novices can explore and learn about gems just as she had. She launched her business Sister and Stone (previously Meraki Jewels) and hasn’t looked back since.

But we didn’t just talk about crystals! I loved this conversation with Taela, as it was honest, open and we had a ton of laughs!

We also talk about:

  • What crystals you can start working with

  • Easy everyday rituals

  • Societal expectations

  • Having the courage to speak your truth

Where to find Taela:

W: www.taelalaurene.com

IG: @healinghighvibes

FB: @healingandhighvibes

Can be found on iTunes, Podbean and Spotify under: “Healing & High Vibes Uncensored”

Kristy's weekly pick:

  • Join Own Your Magic! Doors close on Friday 14th August 2020 and the magic begins on Monday 17th August 2020

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