Sarah On Raising Our Vibration For Positive Impact E15

Today Kristy talks to Sarah Callaham; Pilates & Yoga Instructor and Owner of The Body Method.

Over the past 21 years, Sarah has been teaching movement in one form or another. Her teaching has taken her across the US, as well as internationally through private studios, events, workshops and Wanderlust festivals.

But for just as long as she has been engaged in teaching, she has also been an activist. From organising grassroots clothing and toy drives for orphanages in Mexico, to working with the International Rescue Committee as an in-home cooking class teacher for refugees, to leading delegations for Migrants Rights International at the United


Sarah’s goal for her passions has always been to marry the two, which she so openly shares throughout this episode.

We also talk about:

  • Changing the narrative with movement

  • The importance of mind-body connection

  • Reconnecting with yourself in nature

  • Creating a positive impact in the world

Where to find Sarah:

IG: @the.body.method


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