Sarah Garner On Creating A Connection-Worthy Brand 120

Want to know how to deepen the connection with yourself and the world around you? This week we jump on the mic with Sarh Garner.

Celebrated in the hair and beauty worlds as an industry leader, Sarah lives for her client’s a-ha moments. The creative brilliance behind powerhouse brands such as Beaute Industrie, Salon Pay and The Australian Hairdressing Council, Sarah and Digital Bloom have ignited confidence in over 500 hair, beauty and wellness businesses across the globe through strategic visual branding and creative problem solving.

A true adventurer at heart, Sarah finds inspiration in her travels around the world, using her experiences to influence her creative work. When she isn’t designing head-turning, jaw-dropping designs for her clients, you can find this intrepid, artistic, marketing genius drinking Pinã Coladas [but not getting caught in the rain] and bending the rules by adding a dash of milk to her long black coffee. Yeah, she’s kinda rebellious like that.

What we talk about:

  • The importance of connection

  • Creative outlets beyond social media

  • Immersing yourself in your clients' shoes

  • Following your version of success

Where to find Sarah:

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