Samantha On Educating Others On Equity & Owning Who You Are E06

Today Kristy talks to Samantha Williams; previous global beauty brand content manager, now Marketing Manager for an education non-profit and Black Culture Enthusiast. Samantha works at an education nonprofit, volunteers at a social justice organisation and mentors for underserved youth from low-income neighbourhoods and families.

This conversation is exceptionally eye-opening and you can hear Kristy learning every step of the way during this episode.

We also talk about:

  • Equality, Equity & Diversity

  • The difference between diversity and equity

  • Micro-aggressions that people of colour encounter

  • Owning who you are with confidence

  • How to start participating and impacting change positively

Samantha's Recommended Resources:

Kristy's Recommended Resources:

  • Podcast episode reference during the conversation you can find here

Where to find Samantha:

IG: @classyladysammy

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