Rick On Improving The Gut-Brain Connection E18

Today Kristy welcomes Rick Brennan back to the podcast. Rick is a Professional Athlete, Personal Trainer & Coach.

Rick shares the importance of fuelling yourself with whole foods, after experiencing his own challenges. He is an avid researcher with a natural ability to break down complex information for us to understand, so we can create a vibrant gut-brain connection and life.

We also talk about:

  • The importance of whole foods and gut bacteria

  • Prebiotic's vs. Probiotics

  • How to diversify our diet and gut biome

  • Fecal transplants

  • Understanding plant-based eating and The Game Changers documentary

Kristy's recommendations:

Rick’s CTA:

Google - autophagy

Ricks Experience:

  • All of Rick’s online training and nutrition programs are tailored to each individual’s needs and wants

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • Certified Sports Nutritionist

  • Professional Physique Competitor -National & World champion

  • International Model & Motivational Speaker

Where to find Rick:

IG: @rickbrennanfitness

W: www.rickbrennan.com.au

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