Rhonda On Creating The Ultimate Planner E13

Today Kristy talks to Ronda Zatorsky; creator of Ronnie & Co and the Plan It Out Planner. Rhonda couldn’t find a planner that could fit all of the details in. So she decided to create the ultimate planner that was big and that she didn’t have to miss out on the details. The ultimate planner for those who love writing out all the things!

Ronnie & Co is all about Rhonda’s passion for design and producing a quality product that she would love to have on her own desk. The Plan It Out Planner really has been a labour of love in design, in simplicity and in function.

We also talk about:

  • Birthing a brand out of necessity

  • Designing and creating the ultimate planner

  • The process of bringing a product to market

  • Productivity tips and time blocking

Ronnie's recommendations:

Kristy's recommendations:

Where to find Ronnie:

IG: @ronnieandco_


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