Rachael On The Feminine Empowerment Of Cycle Syncing E52

Today Kristy welcomes Rachael Condon back to the podcast. Rachael is a Period Consultant, Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Education & a Qualified Nutritionist.

This episode centres around how you can best work with your cycle. Rachael refers to stages of our cycles as ‘season’ and walks us through a magical way to feel deeply connected to what we are experiencing at different stages of the month.

She even shares with us for each season a self-love menu and sacred tasks. OMG!

We also talk about:

  • What is cycle syncing

  • How can you work with your cycle?

  • The strengths and vulnerabilities

  • The importance of tuning inwards

Where to find Rachael:

W: www.rachcondon.com

IG: @rachael.condon

FB: @rachalcondononline

Rachael’s Recommendations:


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