Prue On Capturing The Moment With People + In Life E35

Prue Aja is one of Australia’s most in-demand portrait photographers and for the past decade, she has helped impact-driven women and high profile entrepreneurs visually bring their personal brand to life.

She is sought after for her innate ability to connect and capture the essence of an individual through imagery. She has been profiled in the media and images of her clients adorn the pages of well-known publications. Prue’s passion for visual storytelling is equal to her desire to help women celebrate themselves and elevate their visibility.

We also talk about:

  • The importance of connection with photography

  • Experiencing a spiritual awakening on the other side of burnout

  • How to turn working to survive into working to thrive

  • Rediscovering joy and trusting your intuition

Where to find Prue:

IG: @prue_aja_photography


Prue's resource:

  • Prue has a created a guide on how to nail your online branding and consistently show up authentically to potential clients

  • You can also book a one one one branding, positioning, and perception assessment for your website, social media and marketing

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