Nikki On Creating An Online Presence That’s Memorable E27

Today Kristy talks to Nikki from Seedling Digital. Nikki is a Digital Designer, a mother, a wife, a passionate creative based on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia.

Nikki enjoys a good podcast, a frolic in the surf, and a lush salty margarita. Preferably in that order! She is speaking our language here! She has experience working with both small business and large corporates, product and service-based business which we discuss throughout this episode.

This conversation is jam-packed as we covered so much ground, but what I loved about this conversation the most is how much of a babe and down-to-earth Nikki is!

We also talk about:

  • Postnatal depression

  • Having enough knowledge to be deadly

  • DIY vs. Outsourcing

  • Creating brand presence and loyalty

Where to find Nikki:

IG: @seedlingdigital


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