Nat On Entrepreneurship, Career Alignment + Creating An App E31

Today Kristy talks to Nat Welfare, Co-creator of Wibbl. Wibbl is an app that helps you turn any image into an animated cut-out GIF sticker in seconds. No design skills needed!

Nat is allergic to working for other people which has encouraged her to pursue the entrepreneurial route. After studying a Bachelor in Psychology and travelling solo around the UK, she then realised a career in social work wasn’t going to bring her the fulfilment she craved.

Nat then launched her first business SodaPop, then The Collab Hub community platform and now Wibbl. I loved this episode with Nat as she’s super real and so much fun to chat too about the struggles that come with deciding to carve your own path!

We also talk about:

  • How working in startups broadened her perspective

  • Looking outside your industry for inspiration

  • Understanding what people actually want

  • Launching an app for under $600

Where to find Nat:

IG: @nattobehonest



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