Morgan On PR Magic + Achieving Expert Status E95

Want to know how to own your magic as an expert? This week we jump on the mic with Morgan Spencer.

Morgan is a PR Strategist and Mentor at Martini Mondays, a PR company specialising in disruptive PR: shaken, not stirred. As an ex-corporate, Morgan offers strategic, intentional, and out of the box PR for aspiring leaders and experts – all dusted with her personal, curious, and inquisitive approach.

This has resulted in Morgan’s clients featuring in publications like The Australian, NZs M2 Women, and Australian Financial Review. Speaking on stages like Future Women Leadership Summit and the F45 World Conference alongside Mark Wahlberg. As well as live broadcasts on ABC Radio and regular features in Smart Company,, and Yahoo Finance, to name a few.

Key points:

  • Overcoming what’s holding you back

  • The importance of PR

  • Working on mindset to achieve expert status

  • Taking the right action for results

  • Morgan’s top PR tips

Where to find Morgan:


IG: @martinimondays

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