Melissa From Bonbo On Creating A Magic Brand E21

Today Kristy talks to Melissa Pepers, Founder of Bonbo. Melissa is here for the dreamers that are serious about turning their ideas into a business that turns heads and opens wallets.

As a Business Designer, Melissa turns good ideas into disruptive businesses and magic brands every day. She shares incredible insights in this episode whether you are a new or seasoned business owner. There are multiple goldmines throughout, so grab a pen and paper when tuning into this episode!

We also talk about:

  • What a Business Designer is

  • The importance of a competitive advantage

  • How to become a ‘micro-monopoly’

  • Melissa’s methodology at Bonbo

  • The relevancy of jumping on trends like TikTok

Where to find Melissa:

IG: @bonboau


Promo codes:

Bonbo: Use the code KRISTYGRAY at checkout to receive $50 off any service booked at

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