Marion On Creating Space For Creative Collisions E47

Today Kristy talks to Dr Marion Piper. Marion is a copywriter and creativity coach on a quest to uncover what it means to live a truly creative life. She’s an internationally published writer and has worked in creative agencies both in Australia and the United States. Her PhD thesis, ‘The Missed Encounter’, explores the relationship between creativity and posttraumatic growth – finding that a daily engagement with the creative process can bolster an individual against life’s struggles and unexpected events.

Marion currently works as a freelance creative under the moniker Marion Piper Creative where she helps feel-good and do-good brands take the stress out of knowing what to say and how to say it. Follow her on Instagram to see what she's thinking, creating and planning.

We also talk about:

  • Reframing creativity

  • Creative collisions

  • How can we bolster ourselves against trauma

  • Creativity hacks

Where to find Marion:


IG: @marionpipercreative

Marion’s recommendations:

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