Iveta On Mindfulness + Connecting Deep Within E51

Today Kristy talks to Iveta Rackova. Iveta was born and raised in the hidden gem Czech Republic, in her early years she studied Finance and Business which gave her some pleasure at that time. However short after graduation, she knew there was something else to explore. It didn’t take long and yoga had found her.

At the start of her Yoga journey, she had very little interest in teaching, however, over the last 10 years the experience Yoga and Meditation has given her has been so profound. She strongly believes in its magic and she loves sharing it with the world, in order to create a positive impact.

Iveta shares, “I dare to say that my style of teaching is very traditional in a non-traditional way. I love applying the ancient wisdom of Yoga alongside modern science, which over the last decade has become a contemporary language of spirituality.”

All I can say is WOW! This episode with Iveta is incredibly enlightening.

We also talk about:

  • The importance of mindfulness

  • How to observe how you feel

  • Connecting with your breath

  • The various types of meditation

Where to find Iveta:

IG: @oceanlovinyogi

Breathe with Iveta at @the.body.method + @yogaventures

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