Heidi On The Creation Of A Beautiful Life By Design E17

Today Kristy talks to Heidi Eiser from Heidi Lou Design. Heidi is a graphic designer who is passionate about helping and inspiring women to create freedom-based lifestyles. Having worked in corporate for a number of years and suffering from poor health, she decided to leave her job and start her own business, putting her health and happiness first.

She loves to create beautiful brands for female small business owners and plans on releasing her first-ever art collection in 2020. Heidi so openly shares her journey and this conversation is both heartfelt and inspiring.

We also talk about:

  • When one chapter closes, a more magical one begins

  • Navigating life with a chronic illness

  • Ways to stay inspired creatively

  • Design insights for the DIY biz babes

  • How design impacts a clients experience

Heidi's recommendations:

Where to find Heidi:

IG: @heidiloudesign

W: www.heidiloudesign.com

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