Emma On Keeping Your Vaginal Health In Check E48

This week Kristy welcomes Emma Tippett back to the podcast. Emma has been a clinical Naturopath for over 10 years. Her passion and purpose is to educate and help others experience their most optimal state of health and well-being. Emma holds a strong belief that with connection to and support of nature we can fully heal once we come to know ourselves deeply.

This conversation is all about the vagina and vaginal health, plus Kristy highlights some of the shame associated with this topic. This is an informative conversation and not to be missed!

We also talk about:

  • Vaginal microbiome and its function

  • What to avoid for optimum vaginal health

  • Women’s hormonal health

  • Recurrent UTI’s

Where to find Emma:

W: www.empoweredhealth.com.au

IG: empoweredhealthclinic

FB: Empowered Health

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