Emma On Feminism, Fashion + Black Lives Matter E38

Today Kristy talks to Emma Louise Griffiths. Emma is a fashion stylist and feminist. She adores clothes and how they make you feel and loves to create inspiring outfits and beautiful images. Emma is also studying a post-graduate diploma in gender studies, covering topics from the history of gender, intersectionality, media and gender and sex workers.

This was such an insightful conversation, as we also touched on Black Lives matter and how to continue the conversation.

We also talk about:

  • The gender pay gap

  • Sexism and the media

  • Intersectionality

  • How Emma combines her love of fashion and feminism

Where to find Emma:

IG: @emmalouise.griffiths

W: www.emmalouisegriffiths.co.uk

Kristy's weekly pick:

*Slavery abolition was around 1865, which was more than 100 years ago as Kristy suggested in this episode.

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