Danni On Female Empowerment + Putting Yourself First E24

Today Kristy talks to Danni Anderson, Creator of Ladies Let’s Talk. The #LLTMovement is a safe and supportive group that encourages you to connect, inspire and grow with like-minded women across the Gold Coast. They help you get to the bottom of all the reasons why you're not reaching those "New Year Resolutions".

Danni recognised from a young age that her passion was to empower and help others, especially women. A few years later LLT was born!

We also talk about:

  • Cultivating a female community

  • The power of confidence

  • How decluttering your environment can declutter your mind

  • Visualisation and motivation

  • Random acts of kindness

Where to find Danni:

IG: @who.is.dk

IG: @ladiesletstalkofficial

W: www.ladiesletstalkofficial.com

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