Danielle On Clarity, Alignment + Living Courageously E53

Today Kristy talks to Danielle Kettlewell. Danielle is an Olympian, Author, Speaker & Coach. After quantum leaping into the surreal reality of competing at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games as part of Australia’s Synchronised Swimming Team she felt her soul calling her to share her impossible journey with the world. Danielle’s first book, “The Unlikely Olympian,” was revealed to the world last year as she was finishing off 18 year career as an athlete. After 5 years on the National Team, an Olympics, 3 World Championships & making history as competing as Australia’s First Mixed Duet in 2019, she felt the call to pivot from the sporting world & dive full time into inspiring and coaching other women.

2020 was the year that she was originally planning to attend her second Olympic Games, however her soul pulled her down a different path of moving to Bali and sharing her story, wisdom, inspiration, energy & learnings with the world. Danielle believes in the deepest potential in all of us being ignited with the right tools, self belief, self awareness and harnessing the infinite powers of the universe.

We also talk about:

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Overcoming challenges

  • Gratitude - the magic juice of life

  • Finding joy in the present

  • Dancing with fear

Where to find Danielle:

W: www.daniellekettlewell.com

IG: @daniellekettlewell_

TikTok: @unlikelyolympian


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