Danielle On Brand Voice, Values + The Power Of Everyday Language E30

Today Kristy talks to Danielle Read from Readcity Writing. Danielle is a Gold Coast copywriter with a background in Psychology and Creative Writing.

After throwing in her job as an acquired Brain Injury Specialist, Danielle decided to build a business surrounding her lifelong love – writing.

As the Founder of Readcity Writing, today Danielle specialises in writing compelling words for killer creatives. Through strategised copy and brand voice guides, Danielle hopes to instill confidence in her clients to rock their words.

Danielle’s worked with brands like Uber, Surfing Australia and Urban List, hosts the Readcity Radio Podcast and runs an online course, SEO for Beginners. Chat with Dan on Instagram @readcity where you find copy tips and tricks, BTS outtakes and two really cute cats.

We also talk about:

  • The 12 archetypes of the human psyche

  • Brand Values

  • How extreme stress can push you to pivot

  • Feeling inspired by Bohemian Rhapsody

  • The importance of everyday language

Danielle’s Recommendations:

Where to find Danielle:

IG: @readcity

W: www.readcitywriting.com

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