Christine On Self Sabotage, The Fear Of Success + Your Mindset E81

Want to know how to view yourself in an entirely new light? Well, this is the episode for you.

This week we jump on the mic with Christine Corcoran. Christine is a Business Mindset Master Coach, Speaker, Co-Founder of the Rise Up Conference and Creator of The Energetics of Money Program.

Christine has an incredible ability to get to the root cause of what’s holding you back, uplevel your money mindset and set you up for success with unstoppable confidence and belief in your ability to succeed.

She loves helping women rediscover their inner magic, overcome mindset blocks and ultimately get out of their own way, so they can flourish in the freedom and impact business they love.

Key points:

  • The journey towards becoming a coach

  • Why we self-sabotage

  • Embracing resolution and healing

  • The energetic work

Where to find Christine:


IG: @christinecorcoran_coach

FB: @ChristineCorcoranCoach

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