Chelsea On Mental Health + Living Life With Purpose E69

Today Kristy talks to Chelsea Keim, Founder of (CK) Creative. Chelsea began her journey in the creative industry as a model 10 years ago, before transitioning into a fashion stylist and creative director. As her passion grew for this ever-changing industry she found herself working as a Digital Content Producer for a Real Estate Agency in Brisbane, before taking the leap and starting CK Creative.

Chelsea moved into CK Creative full time in December 2020, however it's been an idea and side hustle of hers for a few years. She’s passionate about creating magic for businesses, small and large, to help them up their digital content game and succeed in that area by sharing their passion in the digital world. She’s excited to see where this journey takes her!

However, this conversation centres around a topic Chelsea is extremely passional about, mental health and awareness.

Key points:

  • Prioritising mental health

  • Losing a parent to suicide

  • Living life with purpose

Where to find Chelsea


IG @chelseakeimcreative

FB: @chelseakeimcreative

Chelsea's Recommendations:

If you or someone you know is dealing with a mental health condition or concern please reach out to Lifeline at or Beyond Blue at

Kristy's Recommendations:

  • If you've loved connecting with Kristy on this episode and you're ready to start your own transformation, there's several ways you can work together. Email to learn more and start making magic!

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