Charlie On The Power Of Self-Acceptance In Biz + Life E99

Want to know how it feels to give yourself a big permission slip in life? This week we jump on the mic with Charlie Bland.

Charlie is a fast-talking, fun-loving marketeer with an impressive resume that encompasses some of the world's biggest e-com and retail brands (think Boohoo, ASOS, Arcadia Group)... oh and a stint working at Cancer Research UK alongside Google, Mail Online and Channel 4.

Originally from East London, UK. She relocated to the GC with her fiance (YES, she followed a boy here) back in 2018. Safe to say she’s never looked back.

Charlie is here to help independent, product-based business owners do the marketing stuff better. She set up her marketing agency, Dear Charlie, back in 2018 and since then she’s had the joy of working with ecom and retail brands around the world (USA, NZ, Aus, UK).

When she’s not working you'll usually find her goofing about on the beach with her doggo, Buddy or hunting down the best pizza on the GC.

What we talk about:

  • Avoiding burnout

  • Creating better boundaries

  • The power of saying NO

  • The power of self-acceptance

Where to find Charlie:


IG: @dearcharliemarketing

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