Brooke On Getting Into The Drivers Seat Of Your Life E41

Today Kristy talks to Brooke Nolly. Brooke is a life and business coach, helping heart centred men and women build inner confidence, assertiveness and authority over their lives.

Brooke shares that getting into the drivers seat of your life can often feel extremely daunting. She helps people take action and bring their very own conscious businesses to life. Out with the old is a big philosophy of hers.

I loved this conversation with Brooke, she is a powerhouse!

We also talk about:

  • The art of effective communication

  • How childhood programming affects us as adults

  • Redefining success

  • Bringing order to the chaos

Brooke's recommendations:

Where to find Brooke:


IG: @brookenolly

FB: @brookenolly

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