Ben On Maximising Your Health From The Inside Out E91

Want to know how to feel empowered when it comes to your health and wellness? This week we jump on the mic with Benjamin Semmens.

Around 8 years ago Ben was partying too much, eating a crap diet and barely exercising - he felt miserable. One day Ben decided to make a change in his life and prioritise his health. This involved eating better, exercising and making better lifestyle choices, which ultimately led to his passion for nutritional biochemistry and subsequent decision to study nutrition at Endeavour College located in Melbourne, Australia.

⁣Shortly after graduating, Ben moved to London where he started his project InnerVision Nutrition where he educated businesses and the community to promote beneficial nutrition and lifestyle choices with a particular focus on mental health.

Since then, Ben has moved home to Melbourne and continued to work in nutrition consulting and is Head of Nutrition at 13 Seeds Hemp Farm where he continues to educate people on how our lifestyle choices, eating habits, mental states and environment all reflect on our picture of health.⁣

Ben is now also studying psychology to give a more holistic approach to mental health and to help people to feel better.

Key points:

  • Eating the right fats

  • Individualised plans and approaches

  • Ben’s journey with health and ADHD

  • The benefits of Hemp

  • Giving yourself permission to do the things you love!

Where to find Ben:


IG: @innervision.nutrition


Where to find 13 Seeds:


IG: @13seeds

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