Asher On Self Sovereignty + Trusting Your Intuition E101

Want to know how you can welcome the void to allow soul expansion to transpire? This week we jump on the mic with Asher Erickson.

Asher is an Intuitive Mentor & Energy Healer. She uses her intuitive gifts, combined with the power of energetics, subconscious reprogramming and quantum healing to guide women to activate their own healing abilities, intuition, and manifesting power. Asher facilitates her soul work through 1:1 mentoring, online group programs and within retreat settings.

What lights her soul up the most is awakening others to their sovereignty and Higher Self Power.

What we talk about:

  • Working with your intuition

  • Energetics

  • The witch wound

  • Tapping into your higher power

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Free Webinar: 5 Steps To Your Higher Self Power here

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To join The Ascension Sessions commencing 1st November 2021: A weekly one hour massage for your soul. The Ascension Sessions are an online sacred meeting in counsel with souls on the same frequency. You’ll be guided through group energetic healing processes to release fears and limitations, and be given practical energetic tools by Asher to support you in ascending to an abundant, blissful, magnetic state of being. A bit of soul guidance, blended with a bit of an energetic tune up. Find more info here

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