Anna On Being Brave + Prioritizing Your Happiness E85

Want to know what happens when Astrology, Tarot and Holistic Counselling collide? This week we jump on the mic with Anna Afoa.

Anna is a Retail Operations Manager turned Intuitive Astrological Counsellor. She traded in climbing the corporate ladder, to pursue a career in holistic healing. The last 4 years have been the most transformative to date, 2019 saw Anna, leave her job, long term relationship and a life she had created in Melbourne, to move back home to Brisbane. This is when her journey really begins - Aligned With Anna.

Aligned with Anna is centred around holistic healing through the modalities of Astrology, Tarot, Intuitive Counselling and more. These modalities got Anna through her darkest of times, and in turn, she aims to help others who need the same support, guidance, and advice.

Key points:

  • Having faith

  • Privilege & POC

  • Making decisions that serve you

  • Practising self-awareness in the moment

Where to find Anna:

IG: @aligned.with.anna

FB: @alignedwithanna

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Anna’s Resources:

Light Is The New Black Book

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