Alex On Sparking + Empowering The Confidence Within Herself + Others E39

Today Kristy talks to Alex Hede. Alex is an educator and the owner of Blossom House Co. She has been tutoring all ages in reading foundations, maths and english for over 12 years. Alex has various tertiary degrees and is nurturing, kind and very passionate about sparking and empowering the confidence within all of her students.

This conversation is open, honest and I just loved chatting to Alex about her journey to date.

We also talk about:

  • How Alex went from being homeschooled to starting her own tutoring business

  • Having to redefine what success looks like after a life-changing experience

  • Overcoming domestic violence

  • Creating a positive impact through tutoring and nurturing others

  • The unique learning styles that are often not catered to by the standard education system

Alex's recommendations:

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kyosaki

  • Infinite Self - Stuart Wilde

Where to find Alex:

IG: @blossomhouseco

FB: @blossomhouseco


Kristy's weekly pick:

  • Shine Nootropic Drink

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