Aimee On Living Consciously + Waste Free E23

Today Kristy talks to Aimee Cabakoff, also known as Sustainably Aimee. Aimee works as a blogger in sustainability helping people live more waste-free. She wants to inspire people to take care of this planet and live more consciously.

Aimee loves to travel, meet people and her favourite place is the beach. She began her waste-free journey only 18 months ago and it has been a quest that has brought her unwavering happiness.

Kristy has been lucky enough to know Aimee for a number of years and witness her shift into this space - it’s been so inspiring to watch her positive contribution in this world!

We also talk about:

  • Having the courage to follow your passions

  • Showing up and sharing your message with the world

  • How to start your sustainable journey

  • Aimee’s favourite products and tips for waste-free living

  • Materialism and consumerism

Aimee’s recommendations:

Where to find Aimee:

IG: @sustainablyaimee


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