Kristy Gray Astrologer & Life Strategist

Sometimes life loses its sparkle. I get it.

It’s hard to find the magic when your big dreams turn into checking off to-do lists, making sure you’re feeling fulfilled in your career and remembering to be better than the person you were yesterday (Babes, it’s a lot!) But that’s where I come in.


I’m passionate about helping people understand how they can use Astrology to make their dream life their real life. Knowing more about who you came here to be can make all the difference when you’re working towards your dreams.


​I’ll be with you every step of the way, offering you the tools (and mystical know-how) through my signature formula, Astrostrategy®. Let's unlock your potential and begin your transformation into an empowered individual with boundless clarity and drive. 


Together, we’ll create a new life that embraces your superpowers and thrives on your transformative energy.  This is where the magic happens.


The present YOU

I bet you’re an overachiever babes. But sometimes do you find yourself trying to achieve everything and accomplishing nothing, afraid you’re going to get left behind?


  • Are you self-sabotaging projects because achieving your goals feels like you’re heading into uncharted territory?

  • Projecting an all or nothing attitude, living life in between ‘phases’ of your latest obsession?

  • Letting self-doubt creep into your action plans, leaving you stunned and unsure of where to start?

  • Completely unsure of where you want to be, and haven’t had the right support to help you?

The future YOU

I’ll help you transform into the person you’ve always wanted to be (that’s your highest self boo!) with a completely unique, memorable and tailored experience. Astrology + Life Strategy never looked so good. Let’s do this!

  • We’ll squash any traces of self-doubt so you can unleash your true potential

  • Expand your thoughts, reimagine your life and start taking intuitive action (you’ll stay in your lane, plus you’ll want to!)

  • Build your confidence so you’re empowered and decisive

  • Turn those big goals and dreams into a reality

Kristy Gray Astrologer & Life Strategist

The new YOU

Look at you, ready to take on the world! There’s no stopping you now that you have the tools (and mystical know-how) unique to your natal chart to support you tapping into your higher purpose.


  • Your dreams, passions and goals are no longer a flimsy thought that comes and goes. They’re rock solid and a part of your reality

  • You embrace radical self-acceptance. Period

  • You believe in yourself (that’s self-efficacy babes) and harness the power of positive thinking

  • You gain direction and certainty by using Astrology to help guide you and understand the importance of your natal chart’s promise


And guess what? We can unlock everything here using the magic of your unique natal chart. Sounds too good to be true? I promise you it’s not.


The size of your goals plus the support required and the level of investment will determine your results. Let’s radically transform your world, together! Learn about my experience here 


What babes SAY

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Kristy Gray Testimonial


"I feel like Kristy has been a compass. A reassuring compass of alignment and direction to the path that I want to take; and not just the pre-conceived ideal path that the world has told me that I should take. She's helped me look inwards for answers, guided me towards self-trust and helped me shape my own inner vibrancy. She's been a companion during a hard time in my life, and a beacon of hope of the woman that I could someday become."