How long is Magnify?

Magnify is a 6 month program. Initially we planned Magnify as a 12 month program, but we wanted you to be able to commit with more flexibility.

What can I expect each month?

Each month you’ll receive freshly curated content. Videos, audio support, worksheets and the option to attend a live online Masterclass with Kristy (we get it, life’s busy, you can always catch the replay) And the best part? It’s all new! Every. Single. Month.

When will new content be released?

On the 21st of each month, as that's approximately when the new zodiac month commences. You'll also receive a date each month for the live online Masterclass, as these will be hosted monthly.

What is Magnify? Course? Membership? Subscription?

So many words get thrown around online. We've called Magnify a program as it's online, educational and community focused. That's right, the most important part of it is you! We're a community of babes that are creating a version of ourselves that are empowered, inspired and brave.

I've particpated in Own Your Magic, so what's the difference?

Own Your Magic is a four week online course, with daily tailored videos, audio support, exercises and activities to ensure that you feel confident and empowered at every turn. Magnify explores the psychology behind each zodiac sign; their overarching themes, strengths and problem areas. You’ll receive freshly curated content at the beginning of each month and an invitation to the monthly Masterclass. Plus you can work through Magnify at whatever pace suits you. Magnify is a completely unique method of approaching personal development.

Where's Magnify hosted?

Magnify is hosted on Thinkific, the same platform we use for all our online courses and programs. Plus you'll also have access to our exclusive Magnify Facebook Community.