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The Curious Stargazer

Congratulations! Wonder why? Because you’re here, and Astrology has piqued your curiosity. Have you been reading your horoscope and found it never quite hits the mark? It’s because you're far more than your star sign - but I think you already know that.


The good news is you’re ready to start exploring Astrology and your natal chart on your terms. It’s the most exciting place to be because you’re about to embark on a whole new world, and it's nothing short of celestial.


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Astrology Unlocked


One thing I do differently is how I view the stars. In Astrology, there's no concept of good or bad; it’s all valuable insight. Your perception and how you choose to respond is what influences your world. This is why the work I do is Astrology for your Higher Self. I choose to translate, to uplift and empower.

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