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Capricorn - The Celestial Collection


Are you seeking a simpler way to explore Astrology? Imagine fully embracing the positive qualities and magic of your Sun Sign – the ultimate embodiment of Astrology for your Higher Self. Your natal chart is one-of-a-kind, an immutable guide that evolves with you, always holding insights waiting to be revealed. Yet, your Sun Sign reflects the core essence of who you are and the purpose you're here to fulfil. Welcome to The Celestial Collection, an exclusive vault of High-Vibe tools crafted to catalyse your evolution. EACH ZODIAC SIGN INCLUDES: - A digital Magazine, filled with High-Vibrational insights and guidance tailored precisely to your Star Sign; Magnetism, Intuition, Manifestation, Rituals + more - An Audio Activation, designed to guide you into the radiant energy of your Higher Self BONUS: Higher Self Workbook – this blends self-exploration and personal growth exercises, serving as a compass for a transformative journey towards your higher self. It empowers you to find clarity, define meaningful intentions and embark on purposeful actions to align with your authentic self. ONE MORE THING… Every day, we strive towards our Higher Self – to embrace our envisioned future and embody our utmost potential. This profound aspiration is why The Celestial Collection was created – a manifestation to support your dreams. PS-Begin with your Sun Sign, and if you’re wanting to delve even deeper, explore your Rising Sign. Purchase as a bundle for $99 by contacting me directly.

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